About Us

Our Aim.

At Zaubee, we help you find the best local businesses and service providers for your everyday needs. We provide a platform for you to discover local businesses and service providers and connect with them. You can then rate and review them, which in turn brings transparency to the business practices of the businesses and service providers listed on Zaubee.

Your reviews help us reward customer friendly business!

We ranks businesses and service providers based on the overall satisfaction level of our users. Thus providing more exposure to customer friendly businesses and service providers and penalising the rest. This makes sure that none of us at Zaubee can modify or alter the ranking of the listings. So at the end of the day, it's you, who decides the best listings for your needs.

Connecting business owners and service providers with customers.

We are working on making Zaubee one of the most user friendly destinations on the internet to connect with local businesses and review them. At the same time, Zaubee also serves as a platform for business owners and service providers to list their business online and increase their exposure to prospective customers. We are rolling out some incredibly useful features in the coming days. So business owners can sign up with Zaubee now and get notified when the features become live.

You are the King and a King always deserves the best!

We firmly believe in the above quote and that's why we make sure that our users deserve to be rewarded for their contributions. The top reviewers on Zaubee get to be a part of the Zaubee Elites Club and being a part of it is extremely rewarding. Well, we won't spill the beans now, but when you get into this club, we will personally let you know.